White Linen Night is a staple of New Orleans experiences, and it provides a unique celebration of art and culture in the city. For those who have never had a chance to attend, here are all of the must-knows about this historical attraction. Image of attendees at White Linen Night, which is highly recommended by Joieful in New Orleans, LA

The Cause for Celebration

White Linen Night is a festival that takes place in the New Orleans’ Warehouse District, which is known as the center of the city’s lively art scene. The festival gives old and new artists a chance to showcase their talents and passion for their city, and it provides a platform for vendors, music, and getting back in touch with the roots of the city.

History of the Event

White Linen Night has its historical roots in New Orleanians’ efforts to subvert the effects of the summer heat. Before air conditioning and climate controlled cars, locals realized that wearing white linen was an effective way to reduce the sun’s rays. This became the basis of an urban renewal after the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair, and in the mid-1990’s, artists decided to renew the old tradition and infuse it with a new celebration of culture.

This Year’s Details

This year’s White Linen Night is swiftly approaching. The event will take place on Saturday, August 5th, with between 300 and 600 blocks of Julia St. closed off for the celebration. This year’s event boasts over 20 galleries and museums as well as food and drinks from over 25 local restaurants and establishments. In addition to the numerous New Orleans experiences like galleries and vendors, three stages are set up with live entertainment.

White Linen Night Attire

There’s no formal dress code for White Linen Night, but it should come as no surprise that patrons are encouraged to wear as much white as possible. But it shouldn’t be too difficult, considering it’s an effective way to stave off the midsummer heat when enjoying outdoor New Orleans.

White Linen Night is among the most vibrant of New Orleans experiences, and its storied history leads to a passionate reexploration of the city’s lively culture.