New Orleans is a dynamic city, and there are countless ways to become immersed in its culture. Here are some of the best things to do to get a taste for some of the most unique and vibrant New Orleans experiences.


Photo of a swamp in Houma, which can be toured according to Joieful in New Orleans, LAFrenchmen Street

The French Quarter is one of the most iconic and noteworthy parts of New Orleans, and it’s impossible to skip this area when visiting the city. Hang out on Frenchmen Street, a unique and historic strip within the Quarter where local artists and musicians live. This four-block stretch is loaded with local restaurants, galleries, and nightclubs. There are often fewer crowds, and the area offers a more authentic and relaxed version of the ever-popular Bourbon Street.

Cemetery Tours

Visiting a cemetery may be somewhat morbid, but there’s a reason that cemeteries make it on to any good list of classic New Orleans experiences that can be done on foot. The St. Louis Cemeteries are some of the most popular, housing famous people such as Bernard de Marigny and Marie Laveau. In addition to its big names, the cemeteries offer a uniquely spooky and aesthetically attractive look into the historic preservation of the city, leaving visitors feeling more in touch with the city’s history.

Swamp Tours

New Orleans was shaped by its geography, which is why swamp tours are a must-do on any expansive list of New Orleans experiences. These bayous house a multitude of wildlife such as crawfish, shrimp, snakes, alligators, and crocodiles—some of which tour-goers may catch sight of as part of the experience. These tours offer an excellent way to retreat from the bustle of the city and experience the nature and wildlife that makes Louisiana the Sportsman’s Paradise.

Audubon Nature Institute

The Audubon Nature Institute is another great must-do among New Orleans experiences to see all of the natural beauties the city has to offer. Spread across the town with both indoor and outdoor locations, this award-winning New Orleans institution is composed of a zoo, an aquarium, an insectarium, an IMAX theater, and a golf course. Children and adults alike can experience a huge variety of wildlife up close.

Garden District

The Garden District is one of New Orleans’ historical areas, and it provides a great place for sightseeing, shopping, and an authentic experience. Join locals and tourists alike in this neighborhood teeming with trees, ivy, and some of the most iconic architecture that the city has to offer. For one of the more authentic New Orleans experiences, consider checking out the view from one of the streetcars, New Orleans’ iconic mode of transportation.???????

Although New Orleans offers a huge amount of tourist attractions, these places provide a quieter and down-to-earth view of the Big Easy. For an authentic experience, make a day out of any of these captivating destinations.