Although New Orleans has big character, parts of it are relatively condensed. This makes it relatively easy to navigate on foot — and the popular “go cups” and lax open container policies work well with the walkability of the city! But for the parts that are more spread out, there are numerous unique and exciting means of transportation that, in addition to being quick and easy, provide some one-of-a-kind New Orleans experiences.

Cruise Lines

River cruises are thrilling New Orleans experiences that offer a step into the past on one of the city’s numerous historical cruise boats. Ranging from a few hours to an overnight sensation, these cruises are a great way to spend an evening enjoying delightful food, listening to the calliope play, and watching the sunset over the river. New Orleans also offers a cruise port to bigger cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Line for those looking to make a bigger splash.


Streetcars are an iconic part of the New Orleans area. Not to be confused with their trolley counterparts, streetcars have been in operation in the city since the early 19th century. There are currently five operational streetcar lines that span across many of the city’s vibrant neighborhoods. Not only do they provide a low-cost transportation option that many of the locals use daily, but they also offer some of

the most scenic views of the city — stretching down historic St. Charles Avenue, bustling Canal Street, and scenic Carrollton Avenue, to name a few.
Photo of the Algiers Ferry, which Joieful recommends to tourists in New Orleans, LA

The Algiers Ferry

The Mississippi River is an integral part of New Orleans experiences and history, and there’s no better way to experience it than to ride along its current. For a mere $2, pedestrians or bikers can board the ferry and experience the river firsthand by crossing over it. The ferry lands at Algiers Point, a residential neighborhood with numerous famous cafes and pubs and other destinations such as the Jazz Walk of Fame.


New Orleans is easy to navigate on foot, and many of the attractions are within walking distance of one another. Pedicabs build on this convenience, quickly gaining popularity due to their speed and accessibility. Pedicabs are small two-seat vehicles pedaled by a biker. These bikers are often able to offer insight into the city like a tour guide would, and they are skilled at navigating even the busiest of areas. Pedicabs are particularly convenient because they don’t require much planning and can provide as short or as long of a trip as needed. It’s as easy as finding an open service and hopping in!

There are numerous ways to navigate New Orleans, especially since parts of it are very condensed and easy to navigate on foot. Getting around the city can help natives and visitors alike to experience the character and spirit of the Big Easy.