Things to Do When It Is STILL Hot in New Orleans

Fall means changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and warm drinks by the fireside… as long as you’re NOT in New Orleans. Locals and visitors alike know that New Orleans will remain hot until the very end of the season. Luckily, there’s no lack of activities to do to stay cool while temperatures stay high.

Go Ice Skating

A close up of Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA

Ice skating and New Orleans don’t seem like they’d mix, but thanks to the Penguin Ice Skating rink that just opened in Esplanade Mall, they do now! New Orleans’ only permanent ice skating rink opened in August, providing children and adults alike a respite from the heat. Now, there’s an excuse to bust out the cozy sweaters, even if temperatures are still in the 80s!

Sample Famous Sno-Balls

Most people have tasted snow cones and shaved ice, but a New Orleans sno-ball offers a subtle, delectable twist on these frosty classics. In fact, it’s one of New Orleans’ iconic food specialities! Warm falls are a great time to try out some of New Orleans’ most famous and historical sno-balls. Keep it traditional with Pandora’s Sno-Balls in the historic Mid City, a short jaunt from City Park and Bayou St. John. Or spice it up with SNO-LA’s cheesecake-stuffed snowballs! That’s right: this unique cooling treat consists of cheesecake (including Oreo, blueberry, and peanut butter flavor) wrapped up in a sno-ball.

Visit an Award-Winning Museum

To see New Orleans from the comfort of an air-conditioned building, look no further than the city’s award-winning museums. The National WWII Museum is conveniently located downtown in the CBD, with continuously-updated and immersive historical exhibits. For a kid-friendly experience, New Orleans’ Audubon Aquarium and the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, both downtown, are also cool indoor experiences. Those who want to learn about New Orleans’ unique culture can check out The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture, a historic look at New Orleans’ most famous holiday.

Although New Orleans is known for its hot summers and still-toasty fall season, there’s no reason to wait until winter to visit the great city. Whether you’re interested in planning your first or fiftieth visit to the Big Easy, call 504-207-4555 to purchase your experience today with Joieful!