Voodoo Music + Arts Experience: What You Need to Know

Considering New Orleans’ long history with jazz and other forms of music, it only makes sense that the city would host one of America’s most vibrant and unique music festivals. The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience packs a huge amount of character and culture into one short weekend, offering memorable live performances and interactive exhibits every Halloween weekend since 1999.

Voodoo History

A concert venue at Voodoo Fest

These days, Voodoo Fest is known for hosting huge players in the music industry, from Ozzy Osbourne to Chance the Rapper. However, Voodoo started off as a humble festival in 1999, when it was held as a single day event on October 30 in Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans’ City Park. At the time, the festival consisted of only three stages and headlined Wyclef Jean and Moby along with a number of local musicians. Voodoo has since expanded to host over 65 bands during its three-day run and includes culinary, artistic, and musical experiences.

Voodoo Today

Voodoo is now a mainstay during New Orleans’ Halloween celebration, with attendance surging over 150,000 annually. The festival draws heavily on themes of New Orleans Voodoo and Halloween festivities, with many attendees dressing in full costume. Voodoo also teems with local art on display as well as a number of interactive exhibits. While taking a break from headliners, attendees can also enjoy classic Cajun fare, funnel cakes, and snowballs.

Planning Ahead

Those attending Voodoo fest should take similar precautions as they do with other festivals, such as staying hydrated and planning for transportation in advance. There is limited street parking for the event, but New Orleans offers a number of public transportation options, and festivalgoers can even receive a discount on Uber services by using promo code VOODOO18. Biking to the event is also encouraged, but be sure to lock up bikes and move them before 11 p.m. on Sunday to avoid having them impounded. By planning ahead, guests can even take advantage of Voodoo Cashless, which allows attendees to pay with their wristband and a PIN number instead of using cash at the event.

If you’re considering a trip to New Orleans for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, you can plan for a weekend packed with fun activities. Joieful is your source for how to experience the best of New Orleans. From cemetery tours to haunted houses in the French Quarter, you can get up close to New Orleans’ spooky side. Browse our full list of experiences for more ideas!