Swamp Boat Tours or Airboat Tours: Which Is Right for You?

New Orleans tourists have tons of options for on-the-water entertainment—from waterfront dining to riverboat cruises. Those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city have two more options to choose from: swamp boat tours and airboat tours. While many people assume they’re the same thing, they offer very different experiences.

Swamp Boat Tours

Two river boats during a swamp tour

Swamp boats take guests deep into the swamps and bayous, where they can view swamp animals nesting in their natural habitat, made of unique plants and gorgeous cypress trees draped in moss. Swamp boats are typically large pontoon-style boats that glide through the water, giving visitors a look at some of the South’s most untamed, undisturbed wilderness. These boats are comfortable and provide for a relaxing afternoon exploring the local ecosystem. Tours are often narrated by an expert local guide, who points out alligators, snakes, birds, deer, mink, and other animals, to help tourists get that perfect Instagram shot!

Swamp boat experiences, like the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour, are perfect for families. Most boats are covered for shade and offer padded seats and restroom facilities. Tours are fun, educational, and entertaining, but the boats offer safety and security for those less inclined to thrill rides.

Airboat Tours

People on an airboat during an airboat tour

High-powered airboats are small, often holding six passengers or fewer, and they skim the surface of the swamps and bayous at high speeds. Because of the small number of passengers, airboat tours are more personal than most swamp boat tours. Additionally, the smaller boats can go deeper into the swamp. Because they’re fast and loud, they won’t be narrated as the swamp boat tours are, but captains will still point out the intriguing vegetation and wildlife of this dynamic ecosystem.

Airboat tours are thrilling, so anyone who typically strays from adventure should opt for a swamp boat tour instead. These boats are fast and loud, so thrill seekers and adventure lovers will enjoy the adrenaline rush, but this experience is not recommended for families with young children. Explore the Ultimate Swamp Adventures Airport Tour through Joieful, which includes hotel transportation.

To purchase your swamp boat or airboat experience, browse Joieful’s selection of swamp tours to find the perfect tour for your trip. If you have questions about other ways Joieful can help enhance your visit to New Orleans, give us a ring at 504-207-4555 or send us a message online.