While visitors to New Orleans have plenty to explore within the city limits, surrounding areas provide unique experiences that are worth a visit. Whether the plan is to observe local wildlife on a swamp tour or get a taste of Cajun culture, Joieful offers custom packages for groups of all sizes.

Swamp Tours

In just a short drive from downtown New Orleans, guests are transported into another world. These swamp tours highlight Louisiana’s natural beauty and offer an up close and personal look at alligators, raccoons, owls, snakes, turtles, black bears, and bald eagles. With guides who are born and raised in the bayou, guests receive a true perspective on the area’s unique history and culture.

Alligator approaching swamp tour boat outside of New Orleans, LA

River Road Plantations

This scenic drive takes tourists through the countryside surrounding New Orleans for a glimpse of the opulent plantation homes that line the river, as well as more modest plantations that date to the frontier era. For example, the Oak Alley plantation is more than 250 years old. With dozens of these homes within easy driving distance, a group can customize a tour to fit their specific interests, each with a sharp focus on the area’s architecture, design, and landscaping.

Cajun Country

This unique area of American culture and history is a triangle of land consisting of 22 parishes with Lafayette as the unofficial capital. In the local music halls and roadside food stands, guests can experience music, cuisine, and dancing only available here, displaying the rich heritage of the Cajun people. Consider a visit to Vermilionville, an authentically reconstructed Cajun-Creole settlement.

Joieful can help construct a New Orleans side trip that highlights the most outstanding features of the surrounding region. Whether the group is interested in a day outside or a dining and cocktail tour, we deliver memorable experiences that will be the standout of any vacation.