It should be no surprise that New Orleans invented many of the fine cocktails shared at bars around the world today. Known for its love of liquor and good times, the Big Easy has a rather storied history of creating strong drinks and making them legend. Here are a few cocktails you may have enjoyed that have origin stories in New Orleans.

The Sazerac: A Bitter-Sweet Taste of the City

Created in the 1830s, the Sazerac is the official drink of New Orleans. It is known as the first cocktail invented in America, its unique flavor showcased as one of the oldest items on our country’s cocktail menu. The original Sazerac used locally-made bitters and Herbsaint, which is an absinthe substitute that was created when the real thing was illegal in the U.S. Sample the Sazerac during a cocktail walking tour offered by Joieful. Book today to get an authentic taste of the city!

Sazerac served at a bar in New Orleans, LA

Mind-Blowing History Behind the Hurricane

The next New Orleans-made cocktail is a must-have at any tropical-themed bar around the world. With its fruity flavor and sweet but deadly punch of rum, the hurricane is one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. Despite the party theme associated with this drink, the hurricane was created during the hard times of war. In the Second World War, the U.S. experienced scotch and whiskey shortages, as the United Kingdom was under siege. Many local cocktail crafters substituted this liquor for more readily-available bourbon and rum. Pat O’Brien, founder of the famous piano bar in the French Quarter, decided to make a rum-based cocktail with tropical fruits. Thus, the hurricane was born.

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