Taking a swamp tour in New Orleans gives visitors unrivaled views of the region’s natural beauty. Exploring the unique habitats of the bayou is a worthwhile activity at any time of year, but the experience naturally varies with the seasons.


Spring swamp tours are resplendent with wildflowers, orchids, and fresh greenery. From March to May, visitors can also experience an array of local wildlife with warm, comfortable temperatures and limited mosquito exposure.


When traveling to New Orleans during the summer, visitors who take a swamp tour should prepare with sun protection, insect spray, and plenty of water. Because of the hot and humid weather, alligators, frogs, turtles, and snakes are all at their most active. Staying cool can be tricky, but the summer is ideal for travelers who want to see the swamps at their peak.


Pleasant weather and active nesting animals make swamp tours the perfect choice for an autumn adventure in New Orleans. Tourists visiting from September through November should mark this down as a can’t-miss activity.


Taking a swamp tour during the winter provides breathtaking panoramic views that are only possible because many of the trees have shed their leaves. Visitors should bring warm clothes even on pleasant days because the temperature can drop significantly on the water. Though they occasionally roam the water on warm days, most alligators tend to brumate (a more mild form of hibernating) until temperatures hit 70 degrees. There are still lots of animals out and about all winter, including migratory birds, otters, mink, deer, and nutria.

There’s never a bad time to take a swamp tour in New Orleans. At Joieful, we can plan activities for both small and large groups. For many of our swamp tours, transportation to and from the bayou is included in the package. To explore everything New Orleans has to offer, book an experience with us today.