Creative Ways to Stay Active While on Vacation

Vacations are all about fun and relaxation. Each one gives you a chance to leave all of your worries behind once your flight takes off. There’s no better place to kick back and enjoy yourself than New Orleans. At the same time, some of the routines from your daily life are worth keeping up with, for example, your daily workout. You shouldn’t let your fitness slide too much while you’re away from home. Exercising during a vacation can improve your mood and keep you operating on your normal rhythm. Here are three fun ways to stay active on your next trip.

Make Exercising Part of the Fun

A bike in the french quarter
Staying active doesn’t have to be something you have to make time for during a vacation; it can be a part of the trip. In fact, some forms of exercise are also a great way to get around. A walking tour lets you get a moderate workout while exploring a new city and taking in the sights. A bike tour is another excellent way to stay active while covering plenty of ground. In New Orleans, both of these activities are made easier by the city’s flat terrain, meaning a leisurely stroll or bike ride around town won’t suddenly become a lot more strenuous because of hills.

Shop ’til You Drop

OK, so maybe nobody’s winning an Olympic gold medal for shopping any time soon, but that doesn’t mean it can’t count as exercise. Carrying around an armful of bags from store to store will definitely burn calories. Try to get all of your shopping done on foot and, for bonus points, take the stairs instead of escalators. As long as you avoid the high-calorie snacks in the food court, you can actually get a decent workout from a day of shopping.

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