Mardi Gras: Dressing Comfortably and Festively

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is one of the world’s truly great parties. If you’re ready to let the good times roll in the Big Easy, a little planning around your outfits is a must. Trust us, you won’t have the time or desire to go home and change, so follow these tips before heading out to prepare yourself for an amazing Mardi Gras experience.

Plan for Changes in the Weather

Venetian mask isolated on white with clipping path.
February and early March in New Orleans are all over the thermometer. In the same day, it can be hot enough for shorts and skirts and then cold enough to send you running to the nearest bar for warmth. To add to the unpredictability, there’s just about always a chance of rain. Pack layers in a waterproof bag and throw in a poncho or a waterproof jacket with a hood to prepare for whatever the day has in store.

Prepare to Walk a Lot… and Then Walk Some More

While you might be lucky enough to stake out a great spot on the neutral ground or the viewing stands, Mardi Gras is really a party to be experienced in motion. You’ll walk from the parades to bars, to house parties and back. And when the parades die down, you might head to Tipitina’s or Howling Wolf to dance the night away. All that time on your feet means that heels are not your friend. Opt for comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting a little (or a lot) dirty. (By the way, if you feel like doing some more walking, check out Joieful’s walking tours throughout the city.)

Expect Costumes Galore

Masking and costuming is at the very heart of the Mardi Gras tradition in New Orleans. The level of extravagance that goes into people’s costumes is worthy of its own museum. Thinking about wearing something but worried it might be a bit much? Trust us, it won’t be. At the same time, that 10-pound headdress might not be too comfortable to wear around all day, fabulous though it may be. Plan for something that balances the wow factor with practicality for a whole day and night of turning heads without straining your neck.

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