Joieful Named One of 10 Best Tech Startups in Louisiana

A lot of time and energy go into planning a vacation: finding accommodations, arranging transportation, and booking activities everyone will enjoy. Joieful revolutionizes the way New Orleans visitors plan their trips, which is why the company was named one of the 10 Best Tech Startups in Louisiana this year by The Tech Tribune.

Making the Cut

A badge saying 'The Tech Tribune Best Tech Startups State 2018'

The Tech Tribune is a blog highlighting news and breakthroughs in the technology industry. Each year, the blog thoroughly researches tech companies in every state or major city and compiles a list of the best of the best. In the Louisiana market, four main factors were used to distinguish the best from the rest: revenue potential, leadership team, brand and product traction, and competitive landscape. To qualify, companies must be independent and privately-owned, have received one or more rounds of funding, and have been in operation for fewer than 10 years. Joieful checked all the boxes and proudly clocked in at number seven on the list.

What the Big Deal About Joieful?

Joieful offers New Orleans visitors an easy way to plan their trip with an all-in-one booking system. Instead of purchasing a riverboat tour and a haunted house tour separately from different companies, tourists can book each tour at once through Joieful. Customers work with a New Orleans local to curate their experience; this person serves as a personal concierge who can help arrange transportation, make restaurant recommendations, and even pick up dry cleaning during the visitors’ stay. With the help of a Joieful expert, vacations and experiences can be curated for groups of all sizes, with events and activities that will delight all.

Why Book Through Joieful?

There are a number of advantages to creating an itinerary through Joieful. It eliminates the need to scroll through endless Google results for activities before checking reviews to individually vet each company (reviews can be found on Joieful’s website). Plus, there’s no more need to print tickets for everyone in the group; everything is easy to manage through Joieful’s smartphone app. The company also makes it easy to switch activities if the need arises.

Joieful is a game-changer for Louisiana tourists, but you’ll have to give it a try to experience the convenience for yourself. Call us at 504-207-4555 to speak with an expert or book your New Orleans experience today!