New Orleans locals tend to know more about the city than those who are just coming by for a visit. In fact, they tend to rave about the ins and outs of the culture, where to find the best bars, and how to get out for a Friday night. But sometimes even locals want to dig a little deeper into their city’s history and culture, and these four tours for locals are a great way to do just that.

Big Easy Whitney Plantation Tour

Although there are many one-of-a-kind attractions in New Orleans, sometimes locals want to experience something different. That’s where the Big Easy Whitney Plantation Tour comes in. This five-hour tour outlines the story of the Haydel family of German immigrants as well as the story of the slaves they owned. Now converted into a museum, this plantation is one of many tours for locals where even New Orleans natives can undoubtedly learn a thing or two.

Trees leading up to the Whitney Plantation near New Orleans, LA

City Park Bike Tour

This is an example of tours for locals that will give them a view of the city from a totally different vantage point! Grab those helmets and some comfy shoes for this two-hour bike tour through New Orleans’ beautiful City Park. Bikes of all sizes are available, and it’s a great way to work off an overindulgent lunch!

Cocktail Walking Tour

It’s true that not all walking tours were created equal, and the locals have figured out a way to put a classic New Orleans twist on them—by adding booze! Check out local cocktail walking tours like the Gray Line Original Cocktail Walking Tour. This is a two and a half hour tour that guides tour-goers through New Orleans’ history of wining and dining. The best part is the opportunity to drink your way through history.

Swamp Tours

Although swamp tours are common for tourists to try out, many locals have never experienced the swamps. This offers New Orleanians a great opportunity to step outside of the city for a bit. The warm air, Spanish moss, and towering cypress trees can remind locals of the land on which New Orleans was built.

Being a local doesn’t mean tours aren’t for you! If you’re a local looking to get more out of your city, purchase your experience with Joieful today.