Personal concierges are a long-established service, but because information is so accessible on the internet today, it’s easy to overlook their value for having the best experiences. Here are four surprising services and perks that a good concierge can offer.

Help With The Basics

It’s not uncommon for people to plan a trip and seem to remember to pack absolutely everything except for the basic essentials. When that happens, it’s not the end of the world with a good concierge. They can replace basic missing items such as toothbrushes, combs, and razors, and for what they can’t supply, they can point out a place to make a purchase. They can also help with day-to-day tasks such as calling taxis, mailing letters, or even pointing out closed roads or attractions that could potentially derail a day.

Hand-Selecting Experiences

A concierge’s job is to know their city inside and out. That means that no matter how specific a request is, they’ll be able to point guests to specific experiences that are right for their tastes. The more information they have, the better, so be sure to tell them about age ranges, dietary requirements, or mobility when requesting recommendations for outings or dining. That said, the right concierge should be able to recommend anything from where to find an affordable but sophisticated dining experience to where to get the best discounts for local horseback riding.

Concierge desk at a hotel in New Orleans

Damage Control

It’s easy to underestimate how much a concierge can do, or to assume that they are only there to provide details about fun and vacationing. In reality, they’re an excellent line of defense for damage control. For example, they’ll be able to make change outside of business hours, help to replace misplaced passports, or even reschedule last-minute reservations for a riverboat cruise or a walking tour. When in doubt or in a state of panic, they’re an excellent and often underutilized tool.


A common misconception about concierge services is that they are only available after a guest has arrived in the city. In reality, concierges are available to any future guest via email or phone to discuss things to do. It’s a good idea to call ahead in order to help with planning, especially if staying in a large city such as New Orleans, which has numerous neighborhoods with their own unique characteristics. Getting in touch with a concierge in advance can take a huge load off of planning while a trip is underway.

Concierges have been around for years, and there’s good reason why! Making sure to utilize them properly can elevate a trip and remove any unnecessary stress. Purchase your concierge experience today to ensure that your next trip will be one of ease and relaxation.