New Orleans’ Blue Bikes are a convenient, affordable, and adventurous way to get around this marvelous town. Bike stations are located in busy areas of the city, so accessing them doesn’t require much effort. Residents and visitors alike can use the bikes to commute, run errands, and access outdoor experiences in New Orleans. While they’ve been a huge asset to the city since they’ve been introduced, some changes are coming.

Upgrade From Pedal to Electric Bicycles

New Orleans’ Blue Bikes will be shifting to electric bicycles after two years of serving residents on pedal bicycles. The electric bikes will require less effort from the rider and have the capacity of going 20 mph.

Increase in the Number of Bicycles

The Blue Bikes system that offers rental services also intends to increase the number of bicycles from 700 to 900. This move should make them available to more neighborhoods and to potential riders, bringing the fun and convenience to more residents and visitors who like to stay active while on vacation.

Increased Prices

Riders will pay a little extra for the convenience of electric bicycles. The cost is set to increase from 10 cents per minute to 25 cents per minute for daily users. For riders who subscribe to the monthly subscription, the cost will go up from $20 to $30. Blue Bikes will also cancel the college students’ offer of $10 a month.

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